Racing weather! 2012?

The new flying season 2012 has begun! In the Netherlands, the first cloud streets has appeared and +500k flights has been made. That’s promising!

From over 45 ADS-B connected gliders in the Netherlands, last monday Bas Schellenberg/PH-1169 has chosen the Dutch airspace and was able to be tracked on our live tracking page.

At this moment, only our ADS-B receiver on the RU Nijmegen is active, the ADS-B coverage is not optimal, but we’re working on that.

Soon, we will be able to add the locations UT Enschede and TU Eindhoven as permanent positions of ADS-B reception. Also we have plans to co-operate with partner websites, such as Pinkfroot (

To improve the local ADS-B coverage, near to airfields, we are still calling all gliding clubs to contact us about placing local ADS-B receivers.

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