ADS-B is alive!

We are pleased to see that many enthusiasts have equipped their glider with ADS-B and we can say that “ADS-B is alive!”

However, there is still no nationwide coverage in the Netherlands.
We want to cover Netherlands completely with ADS-B reception. However, we are a non-profit organization and we need your support, because we don’t have the finances to afford new ADS-B receivers.

We need help of the gliding community itself: the placing of a ADS-B receiver, support us with a donation or in the form of sponsorship.

Some individuals and gliding clubs have already indicated its willingness to want to buy a receiver to optimize the local coverage, the big advantage here: a receiver at the local airfield gives a ADS-B reception to ground level!

Do you have a receiver or do you know a high location for a receiver, please contact us through our contact form.

At present there are only 2 receivers active (Nijmegen and Leeuwarden) but behind the scenes, the GT team is busy with the necessary improvements:

– New servers for data processing (multiple) receivers and a heavier web server.
– Pairing with existing ADS-B networks for exchanging data.
– Programming new features such as Live Trace and a faster interface.
– Better mobile page for the Smartphone and tablet.
– Creating own software suitable for new types of receivers such as the Beast, SBS1, miniADS-B etc.
– Lobbying for better ADS-B positions.
– Creating user login for sending us data such as a Spot code or other additional information.

These goals costs a lot of time so don’t expect miracles in a short time! Do you have tips or ideas? Let us know through our contact form.

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